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    Carl Boyeson

    East Yorkshire

    Comments   -   24-Feb-16 14:13
    Bury - Barnsley
    An utter disgrace how he keeps his job I do not know, surely the assessor can see how inept and clueless he his. Cannot get the basic decisions right. Allowed Bury players to get away with murder. Diving, niggling fouls allowing the game to be broken up by Bury at every opportunity. Please put this man out to grass at the earliest opportunity he is pinching a living !!   -   10-Jan-15 12:45
    Oldham - Doncaster
    real madHe is the worst referee in the world he should never ref again he give a red card to joseph mills for winning the ball and not give a red card to one of the doncaster player and he was determined to carry on till they scored a second goal OLDHAM 2 REFEREE 2 !!!!!! I think I make my point   -   13-Mar-14 16:53
    Sheff Utd - Carlisle
    This ref was literally laughable during the Sheff Utd - Carlisle game on 12th March 14. He lost control of the game. The ball hit him from a Carlisle clearance and went out and he gave a throw in to Carlisle. A clear Carlisle corner was given as a Sheff Utd goal kick. The list goes on!! This were not 50 - 50 decisions seen subjectively from a biased fan. These were clear, unambiguous decisions he got wrong. The only 50 - 50 decision he had to make took him the best part of 10 seconds, and was made for him by the Sheff Utd player putting the ball in the quadrant. No confidence, no authority and shamelessly no idea!!   -   07-Apr-12 09:22
    Burnley - Brighton
    This ref was really bad when brighton played burnley. He had lost control over the game . Burnley players started wasting time for the last 20 minutes of the game as they were winning 1-0. He failed to notice that they kept commiting fouls which were very obvious. In my mind this ref needs to be retrained or fired becasue he cant keep control of games. Plus I feel he lost us the game against burnley.real madsad   -   08-Mar-12 10:05
    Middlsbro - Leeds
    is he from east yorkshire if so why is the reff for the sunday game middilesboro v Leeds united?   -   03-Jan-11 09:41
    Rochdale - Tranmere
    This referee was absolutely awful in the Rochdale VS Tranmere match on Saturday. What was looking to be a great match was ruined by the red card given to Marlon Broomes in the 22nd minute. The referee in the Chelsea game on the same day gave a penalty for the same foul and didn t even book the defender. His overall performance was probably the worst I have ever seen (I m 58). He even tried to tell Ian Goodison to move out of the goalkeeper s way (he was midway between the goalkeeper and Cresswell who took the free-kick) when he was doing a Van Nistleroy when Tranmere had a free kick. If I was assessing him it would have to be a minus mark. Seems strange that this referee has refereed Tranmere on half a dozen times in the last few years and every time Tranmere have lost!!! I wonder why.   -   20-Sep-10 07:37
    Oxford - Stockport
    Couldnt agree more with what is above... The bloke aint got a clue how to ref, On Saturday[/url] he cost us the game,what with Stockport time wasting time an time again,He didnt give a toss about it,this is where players should be booked an it wont happen... If i went to work today an performed like that i would get the sack straight away,so why aint the FA acting on this.? They go on about respect for the ref,but hwo can you when he dont show non back or is biased towards one team.. Maybe it because we gave York a good beating to go up last season an he is taking it out on us..??   -   28-Mar-10 07:31
    C Palace - Cardiff
    Awful refereeing in the game between Palace & Cardiff yesterday; he and his officials made several highly dubious decisions and two in particular (the penalty denial and the handball effectively decided the outcome of the match. This guy is either useless or downright dishonest - I ve seen him referee more than once and he always seems to favour the teams in the upper ecehelons of the division!real mad