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    Bas Nijhuis

    Daniel Sharpe   -   27-Jan-15 07:22
    Ajax - Feyenoord
    Having just watched the Ajax v Feyenoord game it has to be said that this ref is purposely keeping his cards in his pocket for some reason?! This game was a rough spectacle and it was only due to luck that a player was not seriously injured by some of the x rated challenges that were allowed and almost encouraged by this refs stubbornness not to punish the players from around the 20 minute mark. There were 3 or 4 occasions were players were pushing and shoving each other and squaring up and this was seen to be perfectly acceptable throughout. Now don t get me wrong, I don t want to see 9 v 10 player games but refs do have to control a game and also apply the laws of the game. Fellow countryman Bjorn Kuiper s used to apply the laws of the game very well and then when down the road of keeping his cards in his pocket at all cost and has been rewarded with World stage refereeing and a Champions League final if I m not mistaken, I can only think this red is looking for the same!!