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    Kevin Blom

    Zuid-Holland, Gouda
    Referee since 2003
    FIFA since 2005

    Comments   -   04-Sep-11 14:44
    Totally incompetent! Re the Scotland match v Czech Republc on 3rd Sept 2011 he made two atrocious decisions - awarding a penalty to the Czechs when there was no contact (admitted afterwards by the diving player) and not awarding a penalty to Scotland when TV clearly showed contact. What was really absolutely disgraceful was when Berra of Scotland voiced his dissent at the decision Blom replied F... Off! This remark was also heard by other Scottish players. This refereee should be banned.   -   03-Sep-11 18:07
    Scotland - Czech Rep.
    After todays Scotland v The Czech Republic game - this incompetent ----- should never be allowed to referee again. the man is a disgrace to football   -   03-Sep-11 16:38
    Scotland - Czech Rep.
    shocking 90 min [ Czec V Scotland ... needs to be a Stewards inquiry!!!   -   07-Nov-09 09:06
    Roma - Fulham
    his display on thursday night shows just how corrupt italian football has become. absolute joke, made me respect english referees a lot more.   -   07-Nov-09 08:14
    Roma - Fulham
    22-6 to fouls us against Roma, and we are the Premier League s most fair playing team! It s a complete joke. He played to Roma s rolling on the floor and wasting time, and whenever we were taken out by a Roma player he would tell us to get up!!! Plus he gave 2minutes added time which was ridiculous considering we had two men sent off for nothing challenges and Roma s time wasting. He should definately be investigated for something as that was the most dodgiest refereeing displays I have seen in years. Investigate him Uefa.   -   05-Nov-09 17:48
    Roma - Fulham
    Kevin Blom was shockingly bad tonight refereeing the Roma - Fulham match. The 2 red cards were harsh and should have been yellow cards at best.

    Blom clearly was naive and fooled by the 2 Roma players rolling around the pitch acting as if they had been shot. Fulham should lodge an appeal against both red cards.

    I suggest he not referee another Europa League match again as he negatively influenced the outcome of tonight s match.

    As a neutral observer, Blom deserves a red card for his poor judgement tonight.   -   06-Feb-09 15:05
    good referee