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    Craig Pawson

    South Yorkshire
    Referee since 1993
    FIFA since 2015

    Gbenga   -   17-Dec-16 11:00
    Stoke City - Leicester
    Craig Pawson s officiating is once again horrendous. His inefficiency is unforgivable. He is causing people s pain. How could he send Vardy off for such a negligible offence? He should be relegated for obvious incompetence.   -   07-May-14 15:28
    Man Utd - Hull City
    And here goes the yorkshire referee doing Hull City favours.3 STONEWALL PENALTIES IGNORED and tells the FA he saw Meyer stamp on Januzaj therefore stopping any retrospective ban for the FA cup.See comment on Sunderland v Hull same ref.This referee is not top grade.Can we have a retrospective rule on bad refereeing.Or shall we have merseyside refs on Arsenal v Liverpool games or Greater Manchester refs at Man City v Chelsea...   -   17-Mar-14 10:46
    Stoke City - West Ham
    Another howler of a penalty decision on Saturday in Stoke v West Ham. The worst thing is that he can be seen mouthing, No way, no way to the West Ham players, despite having a clear view of it. I often wonder what referees are actually looking at during a game.   -   09-Mar-14 12:31
    Hull City - Sunderland
    Hull v Sunderland - FA Cup Quarter Final. Absolutely abysmal performance. Too easily influenced by the Hull players and fans. Talked into booking Cattermole. What the FA are doing choosing a South Yorkshire official to referee a match at Hull is beyond me.   -   02-Jan-14 05:37
    Liverpool - Hull City
    Great performance at Anfield vs Hull on New Years Day, hardly noticed the ref, which is how it should be.   -   01-Apr-13 17:12
    this guy did cardiff v blackburn and looked totally out of his depth. Good job cardiff came through quite easily in the ned but the opening 20 minutes when he should have set the tone for the match he allowed too many poor tackles and fiould to fo unpunsished. Bellamy broke in 2nd half but he didn t play a clear advatage worthe around 5r0 yards - get back to the local leagues sorry.   -   09-Mar-13 18:08
    Gillinghm - Plymouth
    I thought he had a decent game today (Gillingham v Plymouth Argyle).Let the game flow, only brought his card out when it was blatantly obvious that the tackle deserved it. I doubt any Plymouth fans will agree as he waved away 3 penalty appeals. He showed good fitness levels, talked to the players as the game progressed. Well played Ref.   -   20-Nov-12 18:18
    Hartlepol - Oldham
    20-Nov-12 Hartlepool Utd 1 Oldham Athletic 2 Overall an abject display. The sending off of Austin was more a reaction to the Oldham players attempt to get out of the way, their bench and Oldham players reactions. Pawson could have stepped back and assessed the damage to the player, he didnt, the player made the absolute most of it, he was fine. He went for the flashy red card out of the pocket.He missed a clear push on Centre Forward Steve Howard in the box for a penalty. In general Howard got nothing off him, many were clear fouls, he received a fearful battering. He was on top of a two footed tackle by an Oldham player on Jack Baldwin but again missed it, but his blowing up for minor indiscretions was particularly annoying. It was the double standard of allowing it to be a mans game when he thought fit and then blowing up for prissy reasons. The penalty decision was clear and justified. All-in-all a performance that gives referees a bad name, which they do not deserve, and spoils the whole spectacle of the game.   -   29-Sep-12 17:12
    Burnley - Millwall
    Terrible performance at the Burnley v Millwall game today. Didn t give two obvious penalties for handball in the first half, failed to assert control leading to too many bookings in the second half including one which should have been red and worst of all, disallowed a goal he had previously allowed after the players and fans had celebrated and gone back for the restart. Absolutely shocking and potentially dangerous showing.   -   23-Dec-11 16:42
    Brighton - Burnley
    Two inexplicable reds in first 12 mins and a raft of poor decisions thereafter. Genuinely incompetent. Should be struck off   -   17-Dec-11 13:36
    Brighton - Burnley
    Had an exceptionally poor game at Brighton v Burnely today. Two mysterious sending offs in the first 12 minutes ruined the game as a spectacle. Then dubious decision after dubious decision for both sides. One of the worst referreing performances I have seen in over 1000 games over 48 years.   -   07-Mar-11 08:16
    Norwich C - Preston
    Shockingly awful referee. One of the top 5 worst refereeing performances I have ever witnessed in the recent Norwich v Preston match.

    Too many errors to mention just a few on here. Absolutely woeful.   -   26-Feb-11 17:29
    Brentford - Bristol R
    Terrible ref awarded pen today for brentford when it was the worst dive I ve seen he had a poor poor game. Made some very poor decisions he may aswell have worn a brentford strip.real mad   -   05-Sep-10 06:17
    MK Dons - Hartlepol
    Bad positioning throughout the game, emphasised in the penalty incident in injury time. Missed too much and blew when it was the easy way out. Clear shirt pull by Liddle - missed. Deliberate pull back - missed (assistant bailed him out). Didn t seem to care, had a just get on with it attitute.   -   04-Sep-10 18:59
    MK Dons - Hartlepol
    This bloke robbed us today game of a least a point, what is the point of bothering when you have spineless blokes like this refereeing games. He even would have played on when Lewington fouled our lad if the linesman had nt flagged.Disgrace.