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Simon Hooper

Referee since 2008

DavidABroad   -   17-Aug-15 12:05
Norwich C - C Palace
The worst thing was that he failed to control the Palace Norwich game from the outset, giving a yellow card for a minor foul, and then failing to give one for a major one so the players were totally confused. Then that disallowed goal decision for Jerome s overhead kick has been universally condemned as wrong and poor for skilful and entertaining football and finally missing a blatant push for a penalty later on... He lacks experience, of course, but making controversial decisions as he tries to impress is not what football needs...   -   12-Aug-15 10:49
Norwich C - C Palace
this guy does not deserve to be a referee, absolutely shocking in his last two performances and rightly deserved to be dropped from the premier league this coming weekend. I was at Wembley for Southend vs Wycombe, we luckily won, but how he didn t give the penalty to Barry Corr for Joe Jacobson s poor attempt and a fair shoulder barge, and to not give some of the decision, and goals in the Norwich vs Crystal Palace, which Norwich ended up losing because of these decision. Shocking, doesn t deserve to referee Sunday League let alone Premier League.   -   10-Aug-15 11:07
Norwich C - C Palace
Unfortunately we see lots of incompetence from referees; this one, in this game, was far worse, and actually seemed biased against the home side