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    Oliver Langford

    West Midlands
    Referee since 2009

    Comments   -   27-Dec-15 08:05
    Bristol C - Charlton
    Seemed like his missus gave him a brand new present for Christmas and he couldn t stop playing with it.... A whistle! He was using it for everything, even to make a player move back 5 yards. Poor referee without a doubt but it seems like we haven t had any luck with them this season.   -   04-Apr-15 13:32
    Wycombe - Oxford
    Without doubt the worst refereeing performance I have ever seen in all my years of watching live football. Not sure he got one decision right for either side the entire game. There were at least 20 occasions I counted on which he saw a blatant foul from no more than 6 or 7 yards away... and refused to give any decision whatsoever. As a referee myself, I always like to see things from the referee s perspective, often explaining to friends why a ref was correct to give a decision against our team when no-one else sees it. However, this referee caused me to go from frustration to anger to absolute despair in the space of 90 minutes, and it is the first time in my life that I have walked away from a match truly embarrassed that this man was a representative of the group of people (to which I belong) who do this job.   -   25-Aug-13 12:22
    Watford - Not.Forest
    Honestly, one of the worst performances I ve ever seen from a referee. On a completely neutral tone, he seemed scared to show a red, and could not see the most basic of fouls.