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    Comments   -   07-Nov-17 15:19
    Newcastle - Bournemth
    real madThe worst referee i have seen in a long time.He lost the plot at Newcastle V Bournemouth on 4th Nov..Poor very Poor pity any team that gets this CLOWN refereeing their game.   -   19-Apr-15 07:39
    Bournemth - Sheff Wed
    Having read the views expressed below I guess my thought is ditto .In the time that has elapsed since the last comment it is easy to see why he has not been promoted to premier league and why the lower leagues have to suffer such poor officiating. They say the best ref s are the ones you don t notice and this chap likes the limelight. I think it is time we heard from such silent prima donas and why they make the decisions they make. But are we expecting too much of someone to be able to justify such a shocker. At least he will be able to say at the end of season ref s party, I had a hand in deciding the outcome of the championship I rarely criticize officials but I m afraid the unanimous chorus of Cherry fans was pretty much accurate, lets hope the assessor agrees
    Roland   -   19-Apr-15 05:57
    Bournemth - Sheff Wed
    The worst referee I have seen at Dean Court in years and we have had some bad ones. Not only was he inconsistent, he was incompetent, and as has been proved on TV Bournemouth should have had a clear penalty in the second half, but there you go,we don t want to see him back at Dean Court in the future !!!
    nigel   -   19-Apr-15 04:37
    Bournemth - Sheff Wed
    real madThe ref and assistant refs poor ..missed a nailed on penalty which would have been a red card. Where did you get 5 mins second half and only 6 first injury time. Just goes to show why we need technology in games. ..   -   18-Apr-15 16:59
    Bournemth - Sheff Wed
    real madNever seen such a display of incompetence since 1994 and I been watching Bournemouth for many years ! Missed 90% of smaller niggling fouls on both sides and seemed totally oblivious of blantant time wasting.He has obviously decided in advance he would never give Callum Wilson if had his legs chopped off with a machete! I can only hope his self importance doesnt cost Bournemouth dearly!! Clearly the worst official for many a year:   -   16-Sep-12 14:29
    Cardiff - Leeds
    real madPlayed a blinder for cardiff against Leeds, failed to punish numerous fouls by cardiff players, including one that led to McCormack being stretchered off, another on Sam Byram that was blatantly dangerous, was conned by maynard for the penalty, carded Leeds players for minor infringements.
    Very very poor official...real mad   -   05-Mar-12 15:49
    Blues v Derby 03-03-12

    Absolutely awful referee. Reminded me very much of Rob Styles. Missed fouls and 3 blatant handballs (from both sides)

    Poor decisions and had no control over the game or the players. First time we ve had him, and I don t want to see him again. USELESS!! real mad   -   14-Aug-11 04:41
    Hartlepol - Walsall
    Gave a penalty for high foot in the box. Surely he can on give it if he thought the player deliberately went to kick the other guy in the head. Also sent off 2 players for going in hard for a 50-50 ball. Too many bad decisions and thought the game revolved around him.   -   12-Jan-11 12:00
    Without a doubt a prima donna referee who looks to be following in the footsteps of Graham Poll and Rob Styles as someone who thinks the game is all about him. Useless and the sooner he packs up or is packed up, the better.   -   23-Oct-10 13:45
    Oxford - Northmptn
    Shocking Oxford v Northampton. Made constant bad decisions and even OUR penalty at the OTHER END of the pitch I questioned!

    Didn t stop us from winning but worst referee i ve seen this season.