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    Bobby Madden

    Referee since 2003
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    Glen   -   04-Mar-16 15:31
    Dundee U - Aberdeen
    My name is Glen Porter and I live in Kent. Whilst working in Dundee I had the opportunity to go to the Dundee United v Aberdeen game. It wasn t the best football I ve ever seen but with United in their current position there was naturally a fair share of desperation in their play. I have seen one or two unkind comments about Bobby Madden but I have to say I was totally impressed with his performance. He had a good command of the game, allowed it to flow with some good advantages and had no fear with key match incidents, the most obvious being the goal disallowed for simulation, a brave but absolutely spot on decision. Mr Madden should you ever tire of plying your trade in Scotland (highly unlikely) the English Premier League would do well to monitor your progress, kind regards.   -   04-Aug-15 15:57
    APOEL - Midtjyl.
    Must be one of the worst performances that I have seen in my life from a ref. Insanely biased towards Midjylland and made some horrible decisions . Won t be surprised if we somehow learn that he was bribed