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  • Comments   -   07-May-17 06:08
    Exeter - Carlisle
    He is a cheat. Makes the whole match about himself and seems to start going against the home team when they boo him for one horror show desisicon after another!   -   16-Dec-16 06:39
    Not.Forest - Newcastle
    We are still waiting for an apology after the Notts forrest v Newcastle game.   -   04-Dec-16 17:16
    Not.Forest - Newcastle
    re: Forest v Newcastle 2nd Dec. So one -sided major refereeing decisions and ALL were wrong! Proved you were way out of your depth/comfort zone! Get back to sunday league, that s where you belong! AN EMBARASSMENT TO FOOTBALLOFFICIALS! real mad   -   04-Dec-16 04:56
    Not.Forest - Newcastle
    Awful. Hang your whistle up mate.   -   03-Dec-16 18:41
    Not.Forest - Newcastle
    Appalling referee- how can you get so many decisions wrong? If I had a day at work as bad as that shambles of a performance I d be told not to come back. Lets hope the FA make sure he has refereed his last game,,,,at any level.   -   03-Dec-16 18:10
    Not.Forest - Newcastle
    Forest v Newcastle.
    This ref got all the major decisions wrong. I very much doubt he even knows some of the rules.   -   03-Dec-16 15:22
    Not.Forest - Newcastle
    Following this referee performance, live on TV, everyone can see his lack of competence. This referee will now be investigated by the authorities, otherwise this performance will bring the game into dispute. An excellent game, on 02.12.2016, totally destroyed by a very poor referee.
    RobW   -   02-Dec-16 18:57
    Not.Forest - Newcastle
    The referee had a very poor game in Notts Forest v Newcastle match. Inevitably, he was the focal point.... but what can you expect when a referee gets all (5) of his big decisions wrong, is the major determinant of the result, and also ruins the game as a spectacle for all spectators, especially neutrals - like me!
    Of course the players are certainly not blameless, but this must not be used as an excuse to cover up the glaring inefficiency and incompetence of an increasing number of referees. Players are becoming more clever at drawing fouls (cheating) ... yet at the same time refereeing competence and standards are going down - a very worrying state of affairs. Action is needed - urgently - to restore the credibility of our game.   -   02-Dec-16 16:06
    Not.Forest - Newcastle
    This ref is a shocker. Made several errors in the first half of Notts Forest v NUFC. Two incorrect sending offs and two pens, yet missed a clear pen for NUFC. He needs to find a new career.   -   07-Mar-15 17:23
    Plymouth - Northmptn
    Stephen Martin had a very poor game, first big decision the goalkeeper hand balling outside the area he saw it and awarded a free kick but no red card infact no card at all!! The game carried on Northampton getting the decisions, one their players dived in the box for a penalty no card again, Bobby reid fouled as he was about to shoot no foul again! A gentle push in the back argyle player in the book, couple seconds later another yellow 5mins later Northampton fouled in a heavy challenge just a free kick!! The linesmen were no better ruling outside when Reid was clearly on and through on goal!! Northampton defender jumping to win every header with his forearm first in the face of argyle players and two clear handballs not given! Very poor performance and even more surprised he ref in the championship!!! 6200 fans all booing tells you the whole story!!