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  • Comments   -   07-Mar-15 17:58
    Ipswich - Brentford
    one of the poorest refs I ve seen in over 40 years of being a football fan! this guy makes D Urso look world class.He ignored two players hanging on to Daryl Murphy every time he got near the ball. He called back play to a foul he had let go when Brentford s last man took out Johnny Parr just outside the Brentford penalty area which should of been a straight red and he also allowed Brentford players to barge, trip or push over Town players but the minute a Town player did the same back they got pulled up for a foul. He really was the most one-sided incompetent Referee ever to Grace Portman Rd. If he ever comes back I might as well go home before the game kicks off because it was blatantly obvious he didn t want to give us anything. Btw- the two linesmen today also need to have their eyes checked as they couldn t see the ball go out of play on three occassions- twice by Brentford and once by Town.   -   09-Feb-15 10:06
    Tranmere - Carlisle
    this clown is by far the worst referee I have seen in over 30 years of watching football. His performance on Saturday at Prenton Park during the Tranmere Carlisle game showed a complete and utter lack of knowledge of even the most basic rules. The number of shirt pulls, body checks and 2 footed tackles he let go in the first half alone was unbelievable. I heard from somebody that the commentator on local radio was laughing at some of his incredible decisions and said more than once that in his opinion the ref is making up the rules as he goes along . This whistle blowing imposter has no right to be involved in professional football and should have stuck to his level looking after under 12 games.   -   27-Dec-14 07:39
    Middlsbro - Not.Forest
    brilliant ref. i only disagreed with him on one occasion. apart from that he was spot on.   -   28-Oct-14 18:46
    Chesterfd - Swindon
    Terrible, doesn t even understand the rules. Given an advantage when his linesman is flagging for a throw in
    flacko   -   25-Oct-14 14:20
    Millwall - Cardiff
    smileVery impressed with Scott today - good movement. Played good advantages where possible and kept his cards in his pocket (by and large) controlled the game well.