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    Trevor Kettle

    Referee since 1983

    Comments   -   05-Oct-18 16:40
    Cheltnham - Morecambe
    real madreal madreal madworst referee I have ever seen 2/10/18 should never be a league referee sunday league only
    James6   -   17-Sep-17 04:12
    Blackburn - Wimbledon
    I have never commented anywhere before about referees as I know sometimes they have unfortunate days but yesterday at Ewood Park Mr Kettle had an horrendous game. He missed really obvious fouls and blew his whistle for some things that surprised the supporters on both sides. Also, it was so obvious that AFC Wimbledon had cleverly employed time wasting tactics that were blatantly obvious and Mr Kettle who was aware of this completely ignored them. Sadly he came to this match with a history as his last game at Ewood Park was similarly disastrous. He is not a new referee but he does need to take on further training and instruction before he is allowed to continue in his profession.
    Habbinman   -   20-Nov-16 06:30
    Cambridge - Wycombe
    How is this man still a League Referee.?? His performance yesterday at the Cambridge Utd v Wycombe Wanderers League 2 match was woefully abysmal !! His performance was blighted by wrong decisions, not penalising a certain (well-built) player for consistantly throwing opponent players out of the way & not penalising certain players for gross time-wasting !! I just hope the Referee Assessors recommend his dismissal to the FA. A Referee s job is to be fair to both teams....he certainly is NOT.. and deserves to be struck off !!   -   08-Oct-16 11:50
    Doncaster - Barnet
    Seems we all have similar views of this ref. Again ignored a stood showing tackle that was so late it was in the history books before the tackle was completed   -   29-Sep-16 07:41
    Chesterfd - Gillinghm
    Never seen such a poor referee. Booked players for no reason then ignored two footed tackles in front of him. It s time the FA assessors sorted this worst referee l have seen in over 50 years of watching football   -   01-Oct-15 08:27
    Preston - Wolves
    horrendous performance from a so called referee. i attended as a neutral, sat with PNE fans who, before kickoff, were expressing their fear that this might occur as simon grayson (PNE manager) had criticised Kettle s performance in a previous match. his performance was so clearly one-sided it was almost laughable. hell-bent on getting one over on grayson, the inequity of decisions between the two teams was stark. of the 2 PNE red cards, he actually got the first one right, but the second (two yellows) was a joke. He basically applied the letter of the law to PNE while allowing wolves some latitude (apparently, kicking the ball away is not a yellow card if you wear a gold/black shirt!). In the second half, it seemed that every PNE foul was followed with a yellow card, whereas he was very lenient with wolves players for similar offences. by the letter of the law it should have ended 10v10, not 9v11/12! What will the FA do? nothing! there wasn t even a ref assessor at the game.   -   02-Mar-15 12:03
    Southend - Carlisle
    Kettle was hopeless at Southend v Carlisle he never gave a stonewall penalty and whistled at 90 mins without injury time given there were two goals scored and at least 4 substitutions. Hopefully, the assessor will give him low marks and get rid of him off the list.   -   22-Dec-12 14:26
    Millwall - Barnsley
    We are used to having bad refs at Millwall but Kettle is up there with the worst. Card happy, pedantic kick must be taken from right blade of grass stuff was bad enough, but the red card to Adam Smith for a well timed tackle was ludicrous and will get turned over on appeal. Offside last minute goal hardly helped too. When is this buffoon of a ref going to get thrown out of the pro game?   -   29-Sep-12 11:38
    Barnsley - Ipswich
    Terrible, Barnsley v Ipswich 29/09/12, inept decisions for both sides, didnt seem to know what the appropriate thing to do was in ANY situation, drop balls for fouls and advantages for handballs in the box where the opposition gains posession.   -   10-Apr-12 19:00
    Oldham - Charlton
    As a man in black myself for the past 25 years, Mr Kettle made me feel ashamed on behalf of other referees. Inept decisions given, he was totally card-happy virtually from the word go. The match stats make the game look like it was a battle, yet the vast majority of level-headed officials would probably have shown three or four yellows at most - and the only justifiable red would probably have been for Hollands rather crazy foul. And Im a Charlton fan, btw - so please dont think me biased! Appalling performance! real mad   -   07-Apr-12 17:32
    Oldham - Charlton
    This so called ref totally lost the plot in Oldham/Charlton game. How do these refs keep their jobs when they are so inadequate?   -   07-Apr-12 12:10
    Oldham - Charlton
    real mad No control over the match at all, the game would have been better managed without a referee at all! Useless   -   31-Dec-11 21:42
    Wimbledon - Southend
    shocking referee.....buys every dive....easily intimidated, too card happy for genuine tackles, turns a blind eye to all the off the ball stuff going on right under his nose.Truely awful....Surely reached his peak, and will now slide off into the non-league, before finding his level at Sunday morning football.....a real shocker.   -   14-Mar-10 04:42
    Barnsley - C Palace
    Average performance today. Did not play an advantage to either side for the whole game though!   -   07-Feb-10 18:16
    Not.Forest - Sheff Wed
    This guy is abysmal, he is totally unaware of what s going on around him, ignores his assistants, and makes the game unwatchable!real mad