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    Nigel Miller

    Co Durham
    Referee since 1989

    Comments   -   05-Apr-15 08:04
    Carlisle - Portsmth
    Excellent performance. Hardly noticed him. Allowed physical challenges, added on extra time for the away teams time wasting antics and hardly noticed he was there.   -   03-Jan-12 05:12
    Notts Co - Huddersfd
    dispicable referee!! gave every desision to the home side, ignored incidents that happening infront of him when it was a foul on the visiting side, and much more! how can the FA allow a referee to be so discraceful and get way with it its discusting and unfair, miller should be sacked!!   -   10-Sep-11 18:08
    Bradford - Bristol R
    watch a video of bradford vs brfc game - very flawed decisions, one sided and biased towards home side- re-assessment and further training may be beneficial.....   -   24-Sep-10 06:28
    This was the worst display I have ever seen by a referee and i have been watching football for 45 years. How nobody was not seriously injury I do not know as he lost complete control of the game.If someone from the FA watches his performance then he should be banned. I will not go to another game where he is the ref. he was allowing tackles from both sides that were basically physical attacks!!   -   22-Sep-10 11:22
    Peterboro - Swansea
    real mad Absolutly Disgraceful performance for the Peterborough v Swansea cup tie I think a career move might be in order Simply the worst refereeing performance ever at London Rd   -   22-Sep-10 08:57
    This was an unbelieved display from this man - somebody from the fa should watch a tape of the game and take some action   -   22-Sep-10 06:13
    he obviosly has some grudge against Posh. Even 2 Swansea fans I know said he was all for them.   -   21-Sep-10 16:52
    Peterboro - Swansea
    Just 1 question for Mr Miller, why is he so anti Peterborough United, he was so out of order against Swansea tonight, as he was when Posh Played Derby