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    Anthony Taylor

    Greater Manchester
    Referee since 2002
    FIFA since 2013

    Comments   -   17-Aug-13 12:44
    Arsenal - A Villa
    Taylor took charge of the first Premier League game of the 2013-14 EPL season with Arsenal playing Aston Villa. In a shocking game, Taylor made dubious decisions regarding penalties and fouls. Aston Villa racked up more than 10 fouls, yet most players escaped with fouls. However, Arsenal, who suffered through a shocking penalty decision and had fewer fouls, were shown a red card and more yellow cards than Aston Villa. Arsene Wenger was predictably furious with the referee.
    TRhyne   -   17-Aug-13 11:37
    Arsenal - A Villa
    Refereeing is obviously subjective, but if you aren t sure you ask for second opinions. That s why they re there. In the arsenal/villa game to start the 13-14 season mr. Taylor seems to be jumping to conclusions that even his ARs seem to disagree with.

    I know FIFA and uefa protect referees from accountability and consequence, but watching this guy bumble call after call while his assistant refs desperately try to call him off the ledge (and fail) is like watching the world s longest train wreck.   -   14-Aug-11 04:55
    Leeds - Middlsbro
    real madIncompetence is scarcely adequate to describe the outcome of this man s overall performance.He is the kind of official who would see Mother Teresa wiping the sweat from some fevered brow and show her a red card for violent conduct.Psychologically unfit to perform satisfactorily before large crowds his manic overzealous officiating simply alienates all those who participate and those who seek to enjoy a spectacle ruined by irresponsible decision making.   -   07-Mar-11 06:28
    Arsenal - Sunderland
    After the match at the Emirates on sat 5th March I have come to the conclussion that Taylor is not fit to referee at this level. The Arshavin decision has been confirmed he got it very wrong, 1 - 0 The second , a penalty claim against Sunderland could have been converted 2 - 0 to the Arsenal. Sorry no 0 - 0 Get some more practice on Hackney marshes mate!   -   13-Jan-11 14:20
    Brilliant ref,fair but firm.laugh   -   20-Nov-10 16:48
    One of the worst officials that has ever graced the English game. A sign of a good official is one that lets the game flow and almost becomes invisible. At the other end of the spectrum you have officials that ensure they are the focal point through numerous poor decisions and punish individuals that dare to question the referee. Clearly there is a need to seek attention, there are issues in life that the individual hasn t dealt with. Milk monitor as a child helped but, as a adult unable to hold their own in normal life, need to hide behind a job spec