E1 Attwell

Stuart Attwell

Referee since 1998
FIFA since 2009

Comments   -   02-Apr-13 10:11
Leicester - Millwall
He allowed an intentional hand ball to be committed without a card and also an incident of kicking a ball away just as a free kick was about to be taken in Leicester v Millwall game last week and a couple of years ago two of our players were injured in dangerous conditions when he refused to abandon an Ipswich v Leicester game on a snow covered pitch. Lines were covered, visibility was inadequate, safety was compromised but he was too scared of Roy Keane to abandon the game! The worst Ref I have ever witnessed.   -   28-Aug-10 17:57
Wolves - Newcastle
This ref is a disgrace. He lost control 10 minutes in. Gave random decisions, utterly inconsistent to confuse the players. Riiculous cards. Missed a blatant pen. Would training solve this or is it more psychological problems   -   05-Mar-09 06:00
Wigan - West Ham
Worse referee i have ever seen, Bad decisions & loses control of games very easily. The man is a joke & seriously damaging the respect campaign for officals.   -   04-Mar-09 17:22
Wigan - West Ham
a catastrophe - completely ruined the match   -   25-Jan-09 08:58
Hull City - Millwall
24th Jan-another bad day at the office
Seems from press he was at it again yesterday. This time didn t send player off for deliberate handball.   -   17-Jan-09 14:42
Brentford - Notts Co
This guy is the worst referee I have ever seen in 30 plus years of watching football. Even worse than one we had for a Sunday League game when the whole team walked off!   -   07-Nov-08 16:39
Derby - Not.Forest
Just awful a total disgrace   -   04-Nov-08 08:41
Derby - Not.Forest
Totally agree! Im a Forest fan and the decision was a disgrace! The standard of the officals in the league is shocking, but this guy is a complete joke! Get rid of him!!!   -   03-Nov-08 13:19
Derby - Not.Forest
pathetic , should be demoted to sunday league   -   02-Nov-08 15:44
Derby - Not.Forest
The worst referee ever to step foot onto the Pride Park pitch. An utter disgrace.