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    Michael Oliver

    Referee since 1999
    FIFA since 2012

    Grande_95/96   -   12-Apr-18 01:54
    Real - Juventus
    Very poor referee. An absoloute disgrace. no sense for game, nothing... red card is his authority... He means that he is the most important on the field... GJ mr. Oliver. I hope they paid you well...
    Grande_95/96   -   12-Apr-18 01:49
    Real - Juventus
    Oliver you are shit. How much they paid you, u cunt?   -   21-Jan-12 13:09
    Wolves - A Villa
    I have just watched this liability ref wolves v villa and i want to know why petrov gets only a talking to and henry gets a red! the way petrov lashed at frimpong he must be a very disturbed person.   -   05-Dec-10 11:35
    laugh you lot realli dont know the laws of the game he is an amazing ref best i have saw in a long time. he is only human at the end of the day everyone makes mistakes,if you lot want to critisise him i would like to see you lot go in the middle and ref and as a referee myself can be dawnting to go out there in front on 20,000 fans   -   14-Nov-10 05:34
    Reading - Norwich C
    sadI didn t know much about this Ref until yesterday when I watched him in the Reading v Norwich game. Unfortunately for Mr Oliver the game was live on TV. His decision making was dire. He sent a Norwich player off (Holt)for an innocuous tackle and took no action against a Reading player for a much worse tackle. Dodgy penalty...didnt properly deal with a Reading player not being 10 yards from a free kick...I could go on. He changed the game and the result through his incompetence. If this is the future of refereeing then bring on the Video 4th official. Sorry Mr Oliver, just not good enough. The reaction you got from the Norwich manager (just before you sent him off) says more about you than him.   -   06-Nov-10 10:28
    Blackpool - West Brom
    saw this guy for the first time on sky last week blackpool v wba. before he had any red cards i thought he will make excellent referee. afters seeing both red cards i KNOW he will be an excellent referee.
    Well done lad...   -   25-Oct-10 18:01
    Leeds - Cardiff
    real mad Leeds v Cardiff Bothroyd should have been sent off for the tackle on Bechio, Oliver was 4m away looking right at it, Bothroyd then scores. Chopra scores (0-2)from a position 2m offside, asst referee not in line, Oliver with clear line of sight. Leeds eventually loose 0-4 because of Olivers incompetence. Subjectively it felt like he was determined to be strong & not favour the home side, it would appear that he was so determined in this determination that he unconciously favoured Cardiff. Acting as an agent for the Footbal League with a duty to impose the rules of the game Oliver failed in his duty of care under the Health & Safety at work act, Bechio been engaged in his lawful occupation as a pro footballer, negligence of this nature would normally lead to a prosecution under H&S legislation.   -   27-Aug-10 08:44
    I have just been reading your comments, give the lad a rest he is not a machine but in fact human like the rest of us, and if your from the north east you live and breath football and I guess the young lad is no different..... I have seen him ref on many occasions and he as the official has done very well... you don’t ref in the Prem League by winning a completion off the back of a corn flakes packet now do you. Definite potential to be one of the countries best, and to represent England in 2018 world cup as our official. Go on young lad ill put a tenner on you being our official in 2018 world cup or a major international tournament   -   21-Aug-10 13:48
    Birminghm - Blackburn
    I was at St. Andrews today and I must say, in my opinion, Oliver has improved from the last time I saw him here (Birmingham V Plymouth and the Maik Taylor incident). However, I still feel Oliver is a poor referee, with the ability to improve. He needs another year or two in the lower leagues IMO before he should handle PREM matches. He got the penalty call right but he was inconsistent in decision-making (pushes, trips etc) and allowed clear playacting from Diouf. Too many needless cards.   -   19-Aug-09 06:36
    Scunthorp - Middlsbro
    the FA should give him an international featuring colombia , remember what happened several world cups ago?real mad scunthorpe fan   -   15-Aug-09 06:46
    Preston - Bristol C
    he is the worst ref i have ever seen, worse than mike dean, with the bristol match i have watch all of the replays and you can see clearly that the ball came off the preston player real mad, i was also at the match and i timed the extra time, the 4th offical said 4 miniutes extra time and he gave 6 andthen a terrible disicion on a penalty,
    he is not good enough to be a refreal mad real mad real mad   -   09-Aug-09 05:32
    Preston - Bristol C
    I notice Oliver was at the heart of more controversy yesterday, giving a dubious last minute for Preston for them to equalise against Bristol City. sad And, after the pathetic palava at St. Andrews with Birmingham City V Plymouth Argyle, it seems Oliver is a joke, a terrible referee.real mad   -   21-May-09 05:49
    Scunthorp - Middlsbro
    A very headed lad who will become a world class ref, mistakes will only make him better. Played pool for a couple of years with him and is a really nice lad. Wish him all the luck for the future.

    Good Luck Michael, Gary Turnbull   -   30-Apr-09 15:17
    Northmptn - Scunthorp
    without doubt the worst referee i ve seen - having made mistakes he then made greater errors so as not to over compensate. if he s the best up and coming ref we have lets hope he retires early !sad   -   15-Apr-09 14:31
    Birminghm - Plymouth
    Very poor referee. An absoloute disgrace and is FA s little golden boy.   -   14-Apr-09 04:46
    Birminghm - Plymouth
    Plymouth fan here - have to admit I feel very sorry for Birmingham who may miss out on promotion because of two incorrect decisions. 1/ Sending off Taylor. 2/ Awarding a pen when the offence happened outside the box. Then he disallowed a perfectly legitimate goal we scored. And finally failed to give Birmingham a clear penalty. 4 match changing errors in one game. Sack him.   -   13-Apr-09 16:40
    Birminghm - Plymouth
    He should be ashamed of his performance today. Have seen many a bad ref at Birmingham over the past 30 years but this one was the worst.   -   13-Apr-09 14:56
    Birminghm - Plymouth
    Absolute disgrace, sent off Birmingham Keeper Maik Taylor, it wasn t even him who made contact with the Plymouth striker, it was Liam Ridgewell. Most decisions were awful, worst performance by a ref I ve seen in a long long time. At 24 years old he is far too young and inexperienced to be handing the big games at this stage of the season, may have cost us automatic promotion. If this man is coming to a stadium near you, BEWARE   -   04-Apr-09 15:07
    Leicester - Carlisle
    The worst referee I have seen this season. Inconsistent, allowed playacting and dangerous tackles to go unpunished, allowed Kavanagh to follow him around for 90 mins telling him what to do. Might as well given him the whistle and gone home. Totally and utterly useless.