Sergei Karasyov

Referee since 2000
FIFA since 2010
Also Linesman

alandrew   -   27-Sep-15 02:24
CSKA - Lokomotiv
Extremely poor refereeing in the important match of two RFPL leaders. First penalty was awarded for the foul by Pejcinovic clearly outside the area. Second penalty was not evident also - seemed to be accidental contact. Second yellow for Corluka, becoming red, came out of the blue.
rookie   -   22-Oct-14 03:15
Schalke - Sporting
The penalty against Sporting was a robbery. It is because of these situations that the head of football organizations don’t have the video for referee help. They have the ability to manipulate the results as they wish.
Sporting just lost 500K€ revenue in 30 seconds. Who is the responsible for this? The referee keep is payment untouched for sure.