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    Mark Geiger

    Beachwood, NJ
    Referee since 1988
    FIFA since 2008

    Comments   -   23-Jul-15 15:39
    Panamá - México
    Mark William Geiger, you are an embarrassment to our nation. You are corrupt and have shamed football and the US. You should resign immediately for gifting Mexico two penalties and the pass to the Gold Cup final. Shame on you!   -   23-Jul-15 14:54
    Panamá - México
    Mr. Geiger, I would like to hire you to win some games for my club. What is the cost for two penalty kicks and one red card?
    Alma   -   23-Jul-15 14:44
    Panamá - México
    Shame on you!!!! If the referees had dignity and pride, they would be asked that Mark Geiger will expel because he is a shame for football and for the world referees Association. What did Geiger against Panama is a total corruption to the more high level.real madreal mad