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    Alberto Undiano Mallenco

    Ansoáin (Navarra)
    1.81 m
    Referee since 2000
    FIFA since 2004

    Comments   -   21-Aug-19 09:15
    Portugal - Nth lands
    Good performance to end a great career - congratulations, Alberto!   -   14-Oct-14 22:17
    blinkthis ref should be banned from any sport event, not only football, he does not understand the game, moreover, he does not understand the danger play and a consequences of letting it go,I do not think he had ever played the game himself, I hope nobody will get seriously injured while he is in charge of the whistle, I think he himself need psychology specialist assessment for he does not act or judge like a normal person   -   12-Feb-13 19:24
    Celtic - Juventus
    blinkWHAT was happening on 12.02.13 Celtic vs Juventus? - Juve defenders not even looking at the ball in corners man-handling Hooper. Im not a fan of either team but wrapping your hands around a player on a set play is a foul and should have been at least 2 penalties. This gamesmanship is as bad as diving and should be penalised.   -   25-Aug-10 17:12
    Ajax - Dynamo K
    A very weak judge, many errors, on the field of not orentiruetsya, is all time hidden in the decisions not sure, where UEFA looks. TO DRIVE.real mad   -   19-Jun-10 15:58
    Germany - Serbia
    Destroyed a world cup game with his desire to control every move. This guy should be banned from every working a match again.