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  • Copa Libertadores

    Matchday 18 - Semi-finals
    23-Oct-19 23Oct   21:30Semi-finalsFlamengo-:-Grêmio
    22-Oct-19 22Oct   21:30Semi-finalsBoca-:-River
    Matchday 17 - Semi-finals
    02-Oct-19 02Oct   21:30Semi-finalsGrêmio 1:1 FlamengoPitana
    01-Oct-19 01Oct   21:30Semi-finalsRiver 2:0 BocaClaus
    Matchday 16 - Quarter-finals
    29-Aug-19 29Aug   18:15Quarter-finalsCerro 1:1 RiverBascuñán
    28-Aug-19 28Aug   21:30Quarter-finalsInter 1:1 FlamengoLoustau, P
    28-Aug-19 28Aug   19:15Quarter-finalsBoca 0:0 LDUQPereira Sampaio, W
    27-Aug-19 27Aug   21:30Quarter-finalsPalmeiras 1:2 GrêmioPitana
    Matchday 15 - Quarter-finals
    22-Aug-19 22Aug   19:15Quarter-finalsRiver 2:0 CerroCarrillo
    21-Aug-19 21Aug   21:30Quarter-finalsFlamengo 2:0 InterTobar
    21-Aug-19 21Aug   17:15Quarter-finalsLDUQ 0:3 BocaRoldán
    20-Aug-19 20Aug   21:30Quarter-finalsGrêmio 0:1 PalmeirasLoustau, P
    Matchday 14 - Round of 16
    01-Aug-19 01Aug   20:30Round of 16Libertad 0:3 GrêmioCarrillo
    31-Jul-19 31Jul   21:30Round of 16Flamengo 2:0 EmelecPitana
    31-Jul-19 31Jul   21:30Round of 16Boca 2:0 At.-PRBascuñán
    31-Jul-19 31Jul   19:15Round of 16Inter 2:0 NacionalRapallini
    31-Jul-19 31Jul   18:15Round of 16Cerro 2:1 S.LorenzoRoldán
    30-Jul-19 30Jul   21:30Round of 16Palmeiras 4:0 Godoy CruzOstojich
    30-Jul-19 30Jul   20:30Round of 16Olimpia 1:1 LDUQHaro, D
    30-Jul-19 30Jul   19:15Round of 16Cruzeiro 0:0 RiverTobar
    Matchday 13 - Round of 16
    25-Jul-19 25Jul   21:30Round of 16Grêmio 2:0 LibertadOstojich
    24-Jul-19 24Jul   21:30Round of 16At.-PR 0:1 BocaFedorczuk
    24-Jul-19 24Jul   19:30Round of 16Emelec 2:0 FlamengoRapallini
    24-Jul-19 24Jul   19:15Round of 16Nacional 0:1 InterPitana
    24-Jul-19 24Jul   19:15Round of 16S.Lorenzo 0:0 CerroTobar
    23-Jul-19 23Jul   21:30Round of 16Godoy Cruz 2:2 PalmeirasRoldán
    23-Jul-19 23Jul   19:30Round of 16LDUQ 3:1 OlimpiaLoustau, P
    23-Jul-19 23Jul   19:15Round of 16River 0:0 CruzeiroBascuñán
    09-May-19 09May   21:30Group 7Boca 2:1 At.-PROrbe
    09-May-19 09May   20:30Group 7Wilsterma 0:2 TolimaSamaniego
    09-May-19 09May   19:15Group 3Godoy Cruz 1:0 U. ConcePereira Sampaio, W
    09-May-19 09May   18:15Group 3Olimpia 0:1 S CristalClaus
    08-May-19 08May   21:30Group 4Peñarol 0:0 FlamengoTobar
    08-May-19 08May   21:30Group 6Palmeiras 1:0 S.LorenzoVargas
    08-May-19 08May   19:30Group 4LDUQ 4:0 San JoséArgote
    08-May-19 08May   19:30Group 6Junior 0:1 MelgarHerrera
    08-May-19 08May   19:15Group 2Huracan 3:0 CD LaraCarrillo
    08-May-19 08May   19:15Group 2Cruzeiro 1:2 EmelecRojas, A
    08-May-19 08May   19:15Group 8R.Central 2:1 LibertadArteaga
    08-May-19 08May   19:15Group 8Grêmio 2:0 U.C.Pitana
    07-May-19 07May   21:30Group 1River 2:2 InterMaza
    07-May-19 07May   19:30Group 1Alianza L 1:2 PalestinoGuerrero, G
    07-May-19 07May   19:15Group 5Nacional 1:1 CerroHerrera
    07-May-19 07May   18:15Group 5Zamora 1:2 At.-MGHerrera, M
    25-Apr-19 25Apr   21:00Group 6Melgar 0:4 PalmeirasOrbe
    25-Apr-19 25Apr   19:00Group 6Junior 1:0 S.LorenzoGonzález, L
    25-Apr-19 25Apr   18:00Group 5Zamora 2:1 CerroGuerrero, G
    24-Apr-19 24Apr   20:30Group 4San José 3:1 PeñarolDelfino
    24-Apr-19 24Apr   19:30Group 1Alianza L 0:1 InterOrozco
    24-Apr-19 24Apr   19:30Group 4LDUQ 2:1 FlamengoPitana
    24-Apr-19 24Apr   19:30Group 7Tolima 2:2 BocaCarrillo
    24-Apr-19 24Apr   19:15Group 1Palestino 0:2 RiverRojas, A
    24-Apr-19 24Apr   19:15Group 8R.Central 1:1 U.C.Ostojich
    24-Apr-19 24Apr   18:15Group 7Wilsterma 3:2 At.-PRDíaz de Vivar
    23-Apr-19 23Apr   21:30Group 3Godoy Cruz 2:0 S CristalValenzuela
    23-Apr-19 23Apr   21:30Group 5At.-MG 0:1 NacionalRapallini
    23-Apr-19 23Apr   19:15Group 2Huracan 1:2 EmelecSamaniego
    23-Apr-19 23Apr   18:15Group 3U. Conce 3:3 OlimpiaRoldán
    23-Apr-19 23Apr   18:15Group 8Libertad 0:2 GrêmioHerrera
    23-Apr-19 23Apr   16:00Group 2CD Lara 0:2 CruzeiroVargas
    11-Apr-19 11Apr   21:00Group 2Emelec 2:2 CD LaraOstojich
    11-Apr-19 11Apr   21:00Group 4Flamengo 6:1 San JoséMaza
    11-Apr-19 11Apr   19:00Group 1River 3:0 Alianza LDíaz de Vivar
    10-Apr-19 10Apr   21:30Group 6Palmeiras 3:0 JuniorTobar
    10-Apr-19 10Apr   21:30Group 7Boca 4:0 WilstermaHaro, D
    10-Apr-19 10Apr   21:30Group 8Grêmio 3:1 R.CentralRojas, A
    10-Apr-19 10Apr   20:30Group 8U.C. 2:3 LibertadVargas
    10-Apr-19 10Apr   19:15Group 2Cruzeiro 4:0 HuracanBascuñán
    10-Apr-19 10Apr   19:15Group 5Nacional 1:0 ZamoraEspinoza, F
    10-Apr-19 10Apr   18:15Group 5Cerro 4:1 At.-MGRoldán
    10-Apr-19 10Apr   17:15Group 3S Cristal 2:0 U. ConceGonzález, L
    09-Apr-19 09Apr   21:30Group 1Inter 3:2 PalestinoOrbe
    09-Apr-19 09Apr   21:30Group 4Peñarol 1:0 LDUQHerrera
    09-Apr-19 09Apr   21:30Group 6S.Lorenzo 2:0 MelgarAquino, E
    09-Apr-19 09Apr   19:15Group 7At.-PR 1:0 TolimaValenzuela
    09-Apr-19 09Apr   18:15Group 3Olimpia 2:1 Godoy CruzDaronco
    04-Apr-19 04Apr   21:00Group 3S Cristal 0:3 OlimpiaRojas, A
    04-Apr-19 04Apr   21:00Group 8Libertad 2:0 R.CentralOrbe
    04-Apr-19 04Apr   19:00Group 8U.C. 1:0 GrêmioRoldán
    03-Apr-19 03Apr   21:30Group 4Flamengo 0:1 PeñarolLoustau, P
    03-Apr-19 03Apr   20:30Group 2CD Lara 2:1 HuracanGonzález, L
    03-Apr-19 03Apr   19:30Group 2Emelec 0:1 CruzeiroCarrillo
    03-Apr-19 03Apr   19:30Group 7Tolima 2:2 WilstermaHerrera
    03-Apr-19 03Apr   19:15Group 1Inter 2:2 RiverOstojich
    03-Apr-19 03Apr   19:15Group 3U. Conce 0:0 Godoy CruzMachado, B
    03-Apr-19 03Apr   19:15Group 5At.-MG 3:2 ZamoraVargas
    02-Apr-19 02Apr   21:30Group 1Palestino 3:0 Alianza LAquino, E
    02-Apr-19 02Apr   21:30Group 7At.-PR 3:0 BocaTobar
    02-Apr-19 02Apr   19:30Group 6Melgar 1:0 JuniorValenzuela
    02-Apr-19 02Apr   19:15Group 6S.Lorenzo 1:0 PalmeirasBascuñán
    02-Apr-19 02Apr   18:15Group 4San José 3:3 LDUQSamaniego
    02-Apr-19 02Apr   18:15Group 5Cerro 1:0 NacionalPitana
    27-Mar-19 27Mar   21:30Group 2Cruzeiro 2:0 CD LaraMaza
    14-Mar-19 14Mar   21:00Group 2Emelec 0:0 HuracanAquino, E
    14-Mar-19 14Mar   21:00Group 7At.-PR 4:0 WilstermaOrbe
    14-Mar-19 14Mar   19:00Group 4Peñarol 4:0 San JoséArgote
    13-Mar-19 13Mar   21:30Group 1Inter 2:0 Alianza LValenzuela
    13-Mar-19 13Mar   21:30Group 1River 0:0 PalestinoHerrera
    13-Mar-19 13Mar   21:30Group 4Flamengo 3:1 LDUQDelfino
    13-Mar-19 13Mar   21:30Group 8U.C. 2:1 R.CentralCarrillo
    13-Mar-19 13Mar   19:15Group 5Cerro 2:1 ZamoraTello
    13-Mar-19 13Mar   19:15Group 6S.Lorenzo 1:0 JuniorSamaniego
    12-Mar-19 12Mar   21:30Group 5Nacional 1:0 At.-MGTobar
    12-Mar-19 12Mar   21:30Group 8Grêmio 0:1 LibertadHaro, D
    12-Mar-19 12Mar   19:30Group 3S Cristal 1:1 Godoy CruzDaronco
    12-Mar-19 12Mar   19:15Group 3Olimpia 1:1 U. ConcePereira Sampaio, W
    12-Mar-19 12Mar   19:15Group 6Palmeiras 3:0 MelgarDíaz de Vivar
    12-Mar-19 12Mar   19:15Group 7Boca 3:0 TolimaOstojich
    08-Mar-19 08Mar   15:00Group 2CD Lara 0:0 EmelecVargas
    07-Mar-19 07Mar   19:00Group 2Huracan 0:1 CruzeiroHaro, D
    07-Mar-19 07Mar   19:00Group 4LDUQ 2:0 PeñarolRapallini
    06-Mar-19 06Mar   21:30Group 8R.Central 1:1 GrêmioZambrano, R
    06-Mar-19 06Mar   20:30Group 5Zamora 0:1 NacionalCarrillo
    06-Mar-19 06Mar   19:30Group 1Alianza L 1:1 RiverRoldán
    06-Mar-19 06Mar   19:30Group 6Junior 0:2 PalmeirasFedorczuk
    06-Mar-19 06Mar   19:15Group 1Palestino 0:1 InterDíaz de Vivar
    06-Mar-19 06Mar   19:15Group 3U. Conce 5:4 S CristalGallo, N
    06-Mar-19 06Mar   19:15Group 5At.-MG 0:1 CerroVigliano, M
    05-Mar-19 05Mar   21:30Group 8Libertad 4:1 U.C.Valenzuela
    05-Mar-19 05Mar   20:30Group 7Wilsterma 0:0 BocaBascuñán
    05-Mar-19 05Mar   19:30Group 7Tolima 1:0 At.-PRMaza
    05-Mar-19 05Mar   19:15Group 3Godoy Cruz 0:0 OlimpiaClaus
    05-Mar-19 05Mar   18:15Group 4San José 0:1 FlamengoPitana
    05-Mar-19 05Mar   17:15Group 6Melgar 0:0 S.LorenzoHerrera
    Matchday 6 - Third Stage
    28-Feb-19 28Feb   19:45Third StageNacional 1:0 LibertadPereira Sampaio, W
    27-Feb-19 27Feb   21:30Third StageAt.-MG 0:0 DefensorRojas, A
    27-Feb-19 27Feb   19:15Third StagePalestino 2:1 Tall. CbaGonzález, L
    26-Feb-19 26Feb   20:30Third StageCaracas 2:1 MelgarOstojich
    Matchday 5 - Third Stage
    21-Feb-19 21Feb   21:30Third StageLibertad 1:0 NacionalRapallini
    20-Feb-19 20Feb   21:30Third StageDefensor 0:2 At.-MGPitana
    20-Feb-19 20Feb   19:15Third StageTall. Cba 2:2 PalestinoHerrera
    19-Feb-19 19Feb   19:30Third StageMelgar 2:0 CaracasOliveira, L
    Matchday 4 - Second Stage
    14-Feb-19 14Feb   18:30Second StageNacional 0:0 La GuairaMaza
    13-Feb-19 13Feb   21:30Second StageSão Paulo 0:0 Tall. CbaZambrano, R
    13-Feb-19 13Feb   19:30Second StageCaracas 0:0 DelfínMarques Ribeiro
    13-Feb-19 13Feb   18:15Second StageU.Chile 0:0 MelgarFedorczuk
    13-Feb-19 13Feb   18:15Second StageLibertad 5:1 StrongestWagner Magalhães
    12-Feb-19 12Feb   19:15Second StageAt.-MG 3:2 DanubioLoustau, P
    12-Feb-19 12Feb   18:30Second StageDIM 1:1 PalestinoSoto
    12-Feb-19 12Feb   18:30Second StageBSC 1:0 DefensorRoldán
    Matchday 3 - Second Stage
    07-Feb-19 07Feb   19:30Second StageLa Guaira 0:1 NacionalTello
    06-Feb-19 06Feb   20:30Second StageTall. Cba 2:0 São PauloRoldán
    06-Feb-19 06Feb   20:30Second StagePalestino 1:1 DIMCarrillo
    06-Feb-19 06Feb   18:15Second StageDefensor 3:0 BSCBascuñán
    06-Feb-19 06Feb   16:15Second StageDelfín 1:1 CaracasGallo, N
    05-Feb-19 05Feb   19:30Second StageStrongest 1:1 LibertadZambrano, R
    05-Feb-19 05Feb   18:30Second StageMelgar 1:0 U.ChileDaronco
    05-Feb-19 05Feb   18:15Second StageDanubio 2:2 At.-MGDelfino
    Matchday 2 - First Stage
    30-Jan-19 30Jan   20:30First StageDefensor 2:3 BolivarArgote
    30-Jan-19 30Jan   18:15First StageNacional 1:2 DelfínRojas, A
    29-Jan-19 29Jan   18:30First StageGarcilaso 2:1 La GuairaVigliano, M
    Matchday 1 - First Stage
    23-Jan-19 23Jan   19:30First StageLa Guaira 1:0 GarcilasoDeischler
    23-Jan-19 23Jan   19:30First StageBolivar 2:4 DefensorHaro, D
    22-Jan-19 22Jan   18:30First StageDelfín 3:0 NacionalBascuñán