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  • Copa del Rey

    Matchday 12 - Final
    25-May-19 25May   21:30FinalBarcelona 1:2 ValenciaMallenco
    Matchday 11 - Semi-finals
    28-Feb-19 28Feb   21:00Semi-finalsValencia 1:0 BetisGonzález
    27-Feb-19 27Feb   21:00Semi-finalsReal 0:3 BarcelonaSánchez Martínez
    Matchday 10 - Semi-finals
    07-Feb-19 07Feb   21:00Semi-finalsBetis 2:2 Valenciadel Cerro
    06-Feb-19 06Feb   21:00Semi-finalsBarcelona 1:1 RealLahoz
    Matchday 9 - Quarter-finals
    31-Jan-19 31Jan   21:30Quarter-finalsGirona 1:3 RealMartinez Munuera
    30-Jan-19 30Jan   21:30Quarter-finalsBarcelona 6:1 SevillaSánchez Martínez
    30-Jan-19 30Jan   19:30Quarter-finalsBetis 3:1 EspanyolDe Burgos Bengoetxea
    29-Jan-19 29Jan   21:30Quarter-finalsValencia 3:1 GetafeEstrada
    Matchday 8 - Quarter-finals
    24-Jan-19 24Jan   21:30Quarter-finalsReal 4:2 GironaMallenco
    24-Jan-19 24Jan   19:30Quarter-finalsEspanyol 1:1 BetisLahoz
    23-Jan-19 23Jan   21:30Quarter-finalsSevilla 2:0 Barcelonadel Cerro
    22-Jan-19 22Jan   21:30Quarter-finalsGetafe 1:0 ValenciaGil Manzano
    Matchday 7 - Round of 16
    17-Jan-19 17Jan   21:30Round of 16Barcelona 3:0 Levante
    17-Jan-19 17Jan   20:30Round of 16Espanyol 3:1 Villarreal
    17-Jan-19 17Jan   19:30Round of 16R.Sociedad 2:2 Betis
    16-Jan-19 16Jan   21:30Round of 16Leganés 1:0 Real
    16-Jan-19 16Jan   20:30Round of 16Sevilla 0:1 Athletic
    16-Jan-19 16Jan   19:30Round of 16Atletico 3:3 Girona
    15-Jan-19 15Jan   21:30Round of 16Valencia 3:0 Sp.Gijon
    15-Jan-19 15Jan   19:30Round of 16Valladlid 1:1 Getafe
    Matchday 6 - Round of 16
    10-Jan-19 10Jan   21:30Round of 16Levante 2:1 BarcelonaDe Burgos Bengoetxea
    10-Jan-19 10Jan   20:30Round of 16Betis 0:0 R.SociedadLatre
    10-Jan-19 10Jan   19:30Round of 16Athletic 1:3 Sevilladel Cerro
    09-Jan-19 09Jan   21:30Round of 16Real 3:0 LeganésGil Manzano
    09-Jan-19 09Jan   20:30Round of 16Villarreal 2:2 EspanyolMunuera Montero
    09-Jan-19 09Jan   20:30Round of 16Getafe 1:0 ValladlidMelero
    09-Jan-19 09Jan   19:30Round of 16Girona 1:1 AtleticoHernández
    08-Jan-19 08Jan   21:30Round of 16Sp.Gijon 2:1 ValenciaMallenco
    Matchday 5 - Round of 32
    06-Dec-18 06Dec   20:45Round of 32Betis 4:0 Racing S.
    06-Dec-18 06Dec   18:30Round of 32Eibar 2:2 Sp.Gijon
    06-Dec-18 06Dec   18:30Round of 32Huesca 0:4 Athletic
    06-Dec-18 06Dec   16:15Round of 32Real 6:1 Melilla
    06-Dec-18 06Dec   12:00Round of 32Levante 2:0 Lugo
    05-Dec-18 05Dec   21:30Round of 32Barcelona 4:1 Cultural
    05-Dec-18 05Dec   21:30Round of 32Valladlid 2:1 Mallorca
    05-Dec-18 05Dec   20:30Round of 32Sevilla 1:0 Villanove
    05-Dec-18 05Dec   20:30Round of 32Villarreal 8:0 Almeria
    05-Dec-18 05Dec   20:30Round of 32R.Sociedad 2:0 Celta
    05-Dec-18 05Dec   19:30Round of 32Atletico 4:0 St Andreu
    05-Dec-18 05Dec   19:30Round of 32Girona 2:1 Alaves
    04-Dec-18 04Dec   21:30Round of 32Espanyol 1:0 Cadiz
    04-Dec-18 04Dec   20:30Round of 32Rayo 0:1 Leganés
    04-Dec-18 04Dec   19:30Round of 32Valencia 1:0 Ebro
    04-Dec-18 04Dec   19:30Round of 32Getafe 5:1 Cordoba
    Matchday 4 - Round of 32
    28-Nov-18 28Nov   20:45Round of 32Athletic 4:0 HuescaGonzález
    01-Nov-18 01Nov   20:45Round of 32Racing S. 0:1 Betis
    01-Nov-18 01Nov   18:30Round of 32Almeria 3:3 Villarreal
    01-Nov-18 01Nov   18:30Round of 32Cadiz 2:1 Espanyol
    01-Nov-18 01Nov   16:15Round of 32Villanove 0:0 Sevilla
    01-Nov-18 01Nov   16:15Round of 32Celta 1:1 R.Sociedad
    01-Nov-18 01Nov   12:00Round of 32Sp.Gijon 2:0 Eibar
    31-Oct-18 31Oct   21:30Round of 32Cultural 0:1 Barcelona
    31-Oct-18 31Oct   20:30Round of 32Mallorca 1:2 Valladlid
    31-Oct-18 31Oct   20:30Round of 32Cordoba 1:2 Getafe
    31-Oct-18 31Oct   20:30Round of 32Alaves 2:2 Girona
    31-Oct-18 31Oct   19:30Round of 32Melilla 0:4 Real
    30-Oct-18 30Oct   21:30Round of 32St Andreu 0:1 Atletico
    30-Oct-18 30Oct   20:30Round of 32Leganés 2:2 Rayo
    30-Oct-18 30Oct   19:30Round of 32Ebro 1:2 Valencia
    30-Oct-18 30Oct   19:30Round of 32Lugo 1:1 Levante
    Matchday 3 - Third Round
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundMutilvera 1:3 Villanove
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundSt Andreu 1:0 Calahorra
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundEbro 2:1 UE Lleida
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundMelilla 2:0 Ontinyent
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundRacing S. 1:0 Logroñes
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundLorca FC 0:3 Cultural
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundElche 1:4 Cordoba
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundAlmeria 3:1 Reus
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundRayo Maja 1:1 Sp.Gijon
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundLugo 1:0 Alcorcon
    17-Oct-18 17Oct   Third RoundZaragoza 0:1 Cadiz
    Matchday 2 - Second Round
    13-Sep-18 13Sep   22:00Second RoundL Palmas 1:2 Rayo Maja
    13-Sep-18 13Sep   22:00Second RoundElche 2:1 Granada
    13-Sep-18 13Sep   20:00Second RoundNumancia 1:2 Sp.Gijon
    13-Sep-18 13Sep   20:00Second RoundAlbacete 2:3 Lugo
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   22:00Second RoundTenerife 1:2 Cadiz
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   22:00Second RoundCordoba 2:0 Gimnastic
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   21:00Second RoundCartagena 1:1 Logroñes
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   21:00Second RoundZaragoza 2:1 Depor
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   20:45Second RoundVillanove 2:1 Badalona
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   20:45Second RoundMelilla 3:0 Tudelano
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   20:45Second RoundLorca FC 2:1 Unionista
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   20:30Second RoundCultural 1:1 Fuenlabra
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   20:30Second RoundSt Andreu 1:0 Gernika
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   20:30Second RoundCalahorra 2:0 Castellon
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   20:00Second RoundUE Lleida 1:0 Compostel
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   20:00Second RoundUCAM 0:2 Racing S.
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   20:00Second RoundOsasuna 1:2 Reus
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   20:00Second RoundAlcorcon 1:0 Extmadura
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   19:30Second RoundOntinyent 1:1 Jaén
    12-Sep-18 12Sep   18:00Second RoundEbro 0:0 R.MurciaLópez Jiménez
    11-Sep-18 11Sep   18:45Second RoundMalaga 1:2 AlmeriaGorostegui Fernández
    11-Sep-18 11Sep   18:45Second RoundMallorca 1:0 R. Oviedo